About Me


Masters Degree in Game Design and Production and a Bachelors Degree in Game Development from Full Sail University with my Scrum Master Certification from Scrum.org.

What I do

People and Team First

Cross-functional Leadership

Solve Problems

Look for improvements for the Process


Scrum Master
343 Industries
(08-21 to Present)

Producer | Project Lead
Orbis Leadership and Management
(05-20 to 04-21)
NASA Project

● Designed and implemented agile project tools, processes, and frameworks by integrating Hansoft / SharePoint which enabled leaders to
drive teams toward milestones and measure our success
● Implemented an agile risk reporting system which was flexible enough to cover many different mediums, disciplines, and project landscapes
● Increased communication between studio demographics through facilitating planning, sprint review (daily standups), and leadership meetings
● Managed a 35-Member team remotely in an outsourced environment
● Engaged closely with stakeholders to plan, develop and review project milestones
● Interviewed, onboarded and trained new staff members

Technical Producer | Tools Engineer
7thGate Software LLC
(11-19 to 07-21)
Gateware Project

● Managed a team of developers in designing engine middleware for custom game engines in C++ (https://gitlab.com/gateware-development)
● Prioritized and delegated project tasks and activities
● Interviewed and on-boarded new staff members
● Updated and maintained all project documentation in compliance with best practices and standards
● Successfully published three product releases
● Increased the number of supported platforms from three to five by adding iOS and UWP (Xbox) support
● Designed training tutorials / documentation for the team for development on Linux and Mac systems
● Designed and created a Data Container following the Factory design pattern
● Ported existing code architecture from Microsoft Com style to a Proxy based style
● Fixed Bugs and memory leaks on multiple platforms